Welcome to JAM! We are thrilled to work with your kids and we thought you might appreciate a quick orientation to address the questions most frequently asked by parents.


JAM Basics

How can parents ask questions? Go to jam.com (14 seconds)

Do I need to buy any materials? Nope (14 seconds)

JAM Courses

How does JAM teach? Kids learn by doing projects and asking questions (38 seconds)

Who are the mentors? Experts who share their trade secrets (33 seconds)

How will JAM give my kids an edge? We prep kids for jobs of the future (23 seconds)

JAM Safety

Who keeps it safe? Staff moderators help all kids follow our community guidelines (26 seconds)

How do you keep it kind? Keeping JAM safe and kind is our top priority (31 seconds)

Can my kid's identity be private? Yes (39 seconds)

From everyone here in our office in San Francisco, we appreciate the chance to work with your kids! If you have any questions contact megan@jam.com. She works with all of the kids in our courses.